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Your Best Night’s Sleep on One of Our Mattress Store’s Affordable Solutions!

You need a supportive bed to live your longest and happiest life, so our mattress store keeps a complete stock of traditional innerspring as well as the latest in hybrid mattresses and gel memory foam. That way, you can achieve your optimum 7-9 hours of complete rest a night. Getting enough sleep keeps your performance high the next day, be it in the office or on the tennis court, AND literally adds years to your life. So don’t let your side-sleeping position or painful pressure points rob you of that. Replace your mattress every 10 years the smart way by coming to us. And when you shop Ashley Sleep mattresses and other excellent brands at Foothills Family Furniture, you’re saving the cash that other places are trying to rob from you. With the bargains here, you can dream of all the cool stuff you can buy in addition to a top-of-the-line mattress.

Perfectly Contouring Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Move on up to one of our wildly popular gel memory foam mattresses if you’ve been waking up in a hot sweat and sore. One of our Cool Jewel mattresses is 8 inches thick, 4 of which are a firm foam core for support. Memory foam’s come a long way since our space program came up with it to ease the astronauts through hard landings. Today’s gel-infused viscoelastic foam mattresses not only fit your body’s contours perfectly, making your body’s support consistent no matter where on the mattress surface you lie. Another layer of foam is “open cell,” giving you airflow and absorbing heat so for example your new twin mattress’ surface remains cool all night long. Add 4 inches of PU foam for extra comfort and you’ve got a winner for your bedroom.

State-of-the-Art Hybrid Mattresses

Our Mt. Dana hybrid mattresses are the answer when you require still more comfort. Our customers can’t stop telling us how awesome they are so they keep coming back for them. These firm mattresses are ideal for back and stomach sleepers who need extra support. These hybrid mattresses pack five layers of ultra-high density foam and 15-gauge steel coils for a mattress with exactly the right amount of “give.”

All these affordable sleep solutions are available through our Fife, WA mattress store and our other Foothills Family Furniture location.